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        1. Dynaco Tube Amp Boards, Kits, & Parts

          Our Dynaco ST-70 boards require either 2x EF86 (or interchangeable), or 6AU6/EF94 (or interchangeable), depending on version, and one 12AU7/ECC82, 12BH7 or ECC99 tube. And now in our newest EF86 version you can run 6922 as well. This change really opened up the amp in our shop system. Our board has lots of tweeks and variations to try. Having these options gives the amp the flexability to sound great in many systems, and gives the user lots of sonic options. It also can be adapted to make a killer tube mic preamp.
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              1. Mk3/Mk2 boards require 2 12AU7/ECC82 and one 12AU7/ECC82,12BH7 or ECC99 for each amplifier. All boards include a comprehensive manual on rebuilding & maintaining your Dynaco amplifier. For more information on these boards, please see our Dynaco Board Info Page below. For replacements for the aluminum can capacitor on your Dynaco, please click on "Twist-Lock Electrolytics", and "SDS Labs Cap Boards" for upgrade. Also Check Out, "Other Parts For Dynacos", below. For replacement transformers, please click on "Dyna Clone Transformers" below. Check out our chassis, and complete build kits as well.

                Why our kits? Well, the originals were good amps, but made to meet a price point. Our offerings have the most requested upgrades we sell, built right in. Why start with an amp you have to mod, when ours comes fully loaded. Our ST70 kit is one of the best stereo tube amps of all time. Get Yer Build On.....


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