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        1. Diodes, Hardware, Knobs & Miscellany


          1A 1000 Volt (1N4007) Diodes Pak/10
          Pack of 10 standard 1N4007 1 amp 1000V diodes. Yes, you can use these to replace lower voltage 1A diodes such as 1N4002, 1N4004, etc.

          Diodes 3A 1000V 1N5408 pack of 3
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              1. Use to replace ordinary 3 amp diodes of 1000V or less, such as 1N5304, 1N5305, 1N5306, 1N5308, also most "top-hat" diodes found in power supplies of some older tube amps. Package of 3 pieces.

                Bridge Rectifier 4A 1000V
                Flat-pack type bridge rectifier, small size makes it useful to replace selenium filament/bias rectifiers found in some vintage tube gear.(doesn't work on Dyna PAS2 or 3, those use a voltage doubler for the filament....)

                Solder Lugs (10 Pack)Solder Lugs (10 Pack)
                Locking terminal lugs, #6 5/8" length, angled. Package of 10. Perfect for Ground Connections.

                Terminal Strip, 2 lugTerminal Strip, 2 lug
                Chassis mounted terminal strip for mounting parts,1 ground and 2 mounting lugs.

                #47 Light Bulb
                Good old #47 6.3V, 150ma light bulb, used as a pilot light in nearly all pre-1980 Fenders as well as about a gazillion other vintage amps and radios. Will not work in Dyna PAS2 and PAS3, those use 12.6 volt bulbs!

                PAS2/PAS3 Pilot Bulb
                12 volt 100 ma pilot light bulb for Dynaco PAS2/PAS3 preamps.

                Chicken Head Knob BlackChicken Head Knob Black
                Uses setscrew for 1/4 inch round shaft.

                Marshall Style Knob Marshall Style Knob
                Marshall Style Knob. Black with Gold Cap.

                Pilot Lamp Holder Fender ReplacementPilot Lamp Holder Fender Replacement
                Premium pilot lamp holder, bayonet base, 11/16" chassis hole.

                RoHS Compliant

                Saucer Indicator Light 120V - RED or AMBERSaucer Indicator Light 120V - RED or AMBER
                Fits 3/8" chassis hole. 105 - 125 vac. 4.4" leads. Supplied with internal tooth lock washer and hex nut. Made in the U.S.A. ROHS compliant. Light color is Red or Amber, depending on current stock. State preference in comments section. We will sub other color if we are out of stock on your preferred color.

                Fender Amp Screw on Jewel - REDFender Amp Screw on Jewel - RED
                Colored screw on jewell for Fender or other amps. Red.

                Fender Tremolo OptocouplerFender Tremolo Optocoupler
                Fits all 1960 thru 1980 Fender amplifiers that use an optocoupler from tremolo/vibrato.

                Sigma 301T1-120A1 High Voltage Octocoupler NOSSigma 301T1-120A1 High Voltage Octocoupler NOS
                NOS Sigma 301T1-120A1 High Voltage Opto Coupler. 120vac. 18ma. 1200ohms. Great for telephone ring detector. Since this is an NOS obsolete item, stock is limited.

                Fuse Holder for AGC FusesFuse Holder for AGC Fuses
                Standard twist-cap black chassis mount fuseholder for AGC/3AG US type fuses.Made by Littelfuse.


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